• Private Chef C.R

Food prepared under youreyes.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021


Current times have been harsh regarding the way we take care of ourselves. Professional jobs should be left to professionals able to accommodate to your health needs.

That’s why Private Chef Costa Rica is a great option. You get to savor the best local fresh ingredients while enjoying in paradise, it’s an experience that will be imprinted in your taste and memory, and there will be no issues regarding special diets.

This is simply high cuisine made specially for you right in your kitchen, in other words an opportunity to kick back and make memories.

Some of our clients call our chef “highlight of our trip.” They also mentioned that even during a 13 family member stay, kids included, tasty meals were ready after a day of travel.

“Chef and help arrived on time, had things ready at the right time and cleaned up.” - reads the testimonial.

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